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Total Covid Disbursement Reaches $240,000

The Highland Park Community Foundation (HPCF) has released an additional round of emergency funds to help Highland Park and Highwood residents with COVID recovery. Since the March 2020 launch of the HPCF’s Emergency Response Appeal, the Foundation has provided 7 rounds of emergency grants. The total COVID disbursement to nonprofits who support residents’needs has now reached nearly $240,000, distributed through 106 grants.

Community members still struggle with urgent COVID-related needs. The most recent grants provided funding for food; shelter for victims of abuse and their minor children; PPE, cleaning, and sanitizing supplies; housing counseling for families facing foreclosure; hygiene kits for children from birth through age 12; supports for community members seeking to successfully re-enter the workforce; cot sheets used at naptime and reusable plates and bowls for children at a local pre-school; personal care products for high school students; mental health programming and therapy for parents; supplies for prenatal moms and newborn babies; and hotspots for reliable internet.

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