The Highland Park Community Foundation was established in 1992 at the request of the City of Highland Park to build and maintain a permanent endowment fund. The fund serves to support and expand the services of social service, cultural, and educational agencies in Highland Park and Highwood. It is also used to nurture the early stages of new and innovative programs.

The Foundation’s avowed purpose is to address unmet needs of the community – needs that are not met by governmental or other sources. By choosing an endowment fund as our primary financial vehicle, the Foundation can serve the community in perpetuity by providing a dependable source of income. It is the backbone of our grant giving.

The Foundation has helped to make Highland Park/Highwood a dynamic community, acting as a catalyst to maximize community resources, initiating partnerships between public and private groups and providing financial support to local agencies. The result is a better quality of life for our residents and a more vital community.

We encourage all community members to contribute generously to the Highland Park Community Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax- exempt organization. By supporting the Foundation, you can help to ensure that our community continues to provide extraordinary social services, youth support and cultural programs today and for generations to come.