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‘Future Leaders’ Honored at Chamber Dinner

Highland Park Community Foundation Awards HPHS Student Jason Estrada Personal Achievement Award at HP Chamber of Commerce 53rd Annual Student Honor Dinner

The Highland Park Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual dinner to recognize exceptional young people who have been selected by the high school based on various criteria. Sponsors, like the HPCF, provide scholarships to seniors from HPHS to help enable these outstanding students to continue their studies after high school.

Jason Estrada, nominated by Megan Counts and Leslie Levin on behalf of the Social Studies Department at HPHS, was the winner of the HPCF’s Personal Achievement Award at this year’s dinner. HPCF Chairman Nancy Mills and Member of the Board Karen Reisin attended the May 3rd ceremony to present the award. “It was an honor and an inspiration to be surrounded by such inspiring students like Jason. I especially enjoyed getting to know his family. They have good reason to be proud.” Said Mills.

Nomination Written by Megan Counts and Leslie Levin:
Jason Estrada exemplifies the best that any educator hopes for. Highland Park values community engagement, connections, and relationships and these are Jason’s natural strengths. As a school community over the last four years, we have watched Jason emerge as a loving, responsible, determined leader. Jason leads with his heart and exudes a brotherly kindness and authenticity in all his daily interactions. Jason has repeatedly demonstrated maturity and seriousness of character as he worked to pursue his path to success and graduation. Jason takes responsibility for his own outcomes. Yet while focused on his own life, he has always steadfastly provided guidance and support for his peers as well; he is equally as aware of the happiness and wellness of others as he is with his own concerns. Jason is the type of young man who understands that character is best revealed by the choices we make and the actions we do when nobody is watching. Jason has the strength of character and the morality to do what is right without ever expecting praise or reward; Jason is guided by an internal strength and goodness that impacts his classmates, teachers, and anyone else who is lucky enough to be in his sphere of influence. When Jason graduates, he will be missed very much by our school community and he will be carried in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.

People in photo L to R: Nancy Mills (Highland Park Community Foundation, Chair), Jason Estrada, Karen Reisin (Highland Park Community Foundation, Board Member)

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