Southeast Lake County Faith in Action Volunteers

Faith in Action Volunteers is a non-sectarian organization whose mission is to help older adults maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Professionally trained and supervised volunteers provide friendly visits and help with transportation, errands, grocery shopping, respite care, and household chores. The Foundation’s grant supports “Let’s Go Seniors,” a graduated transportation service offering safe, reliable options for older adults who require more guidance and oversight when traveling away from their homes: 1) door-to-door service for older adults in good physical condition through a partnership with GoGoGrandparent; 2) escorted transportation for mobility or cognitively challenged older adults using professionally trained and supervised volunteers; 3) Shop n Drop Errand Services; and 4) Paratransit service for older adults confined to a wheelchair through a partnership with Special Needs Chicago (this service is only available if the Moraine Township Paratransit Van is unavailable).