Gratitude Generation

Gratitude Generation (G2) is a nonprofit organization that encourages the volunteer efforts of children and families with a special emphasis on cultivating community leadership in children. Founded in 2018, G2 initiates community service projects and also partners with existing, local nonprofit organizations, providing volunteers and donations to support their efforts. HPCF’s grant funding will be used to purchase supplies for inclusion in 4 Your Care Kits that will consist of toiletries needed for basic hygiene, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and deodorant. These items can be expensive, particularly for residents without access to transportation or low-cost retailers. Additionally, toiletries cannot be distributed by organizations that are receiving federal funding to give out food aid; however, there is a great need for personal care items along with food. This program seeks to fill that gap by partnering with Northern Illinois Food Bank to distribute the personal-care kits to the families who most need them. The kits are assembled by g2 volunteers at special events, allowing kids and adults to participate in their projects. The volunteers are also invited to the NIFB distribution event(s) where the kits are handed out.