Curt’s Café

Curt’s Café provides unique work and life skills training, social-emotional support, and job placement for young adults 18-24 living in at-risk circumstances. Since Curt’s opened in 2012, the organization has served over 450 young adults. Over 80% have completed Curt’s program and entered the food service and restaurant industry and/or stayed in high school to graduate. Curt’s original café in Evanston serves Cook County and Curt’s Highland Park Café serves Lake County young adults. Curt’s is excited to reopen the Highland Park café for the students it serves as well as the community by offering a meeting place to strengthen the connections between diverse residents of the community. Students are referred or learn of the program from current and former participants as well as probation officers, city police, social service agencies, State’s Attorney’s offices, teachers, and counselors. Curt’s breaks the prison pipeline and builds a stronger foundation for the students and their families. HPCF’s funding provides general operating support for the Highland Park Cafe including expenses for training, stipends, and mental health services for Highland Park and Highwood students.