Community – The Anti-Drug Coalition

Community – The Anti-Drug Coalition (CTAD) is a community coalition that is comprised of parents, local government, school officials, clergy, and health providers. CTAD’s mission is to generate conversation and provide accurate information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use in our community. CTAD is a volunteer-led organization, which strives to build and sustain a safe and drug-free community in which our youth feel protected, confident and empowered to make healthy choices. They bring together input and contributions from all sectors of the community—schools, parents, youth, government, healthcare, faith, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations and more—to transform the environment around our youth so that the drug-free choice is the easy choice. The grant from the Highland Park Community Foundation supports CTAD’s “You Got This!” drug prevention campaign that will be implemented in District 113 in the 2021-2022 school year. The purpose of the campaign is two-fold: 1) to celebrate the strength and resiliency of HPHS and DHS students during challenging times and 2) to strengthen the association between drug-free choices and values important to our students.