Golden Apple Winners


Cindy Rossman: 2016 Highland Park Golden Apple Award Winner

The Highland Park Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2016 recipient of the Golden Apple Award is Cindy Rossman.

Mrs. Cindy Rossman (K-1 Braeside) is this year’s final recipient of the Highland Park Community Foundation’s prestigious Golden Apple Award. Mrs. Rossman was surprised with a special all school assembly when she was presented with balloons, golden delicious apples, a golden apple statue, a $2000 check, and a $500 gift card to the Apple store. Children, colleagues , administrators, parents, and retired educators attended the exciting assembly.

As Cindy’s observers noted, “Cindy Rossman is truly worthy of this Golden Apple award because she does not need an award to validate what she is doing every day with every child. She is a loving parent to each of her students and is a caring teacher to each child as she lights up when they enter her room every day. In turn, each child lights up inside as their self-esteem grows; each child develops a love of learning and thinking in her classroom. There is a magical feeling in Cindy Rossman’s room.”

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